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RESCUE DIVER Not just for divers wishing to climb the professional ladder. It is for any diver who wants to feel confident in the event of an emergency. This class consists of 5 classroom sessions and 2 days of ocean training. $195.00
DIVE MASTER An important step for anyone wishing too share their love of diving. Dive masters are an important part of any scuba program and are in high demand. This class consists of 6 classroom sessions, 3 pool sessions, and 4 days of ocean training.
Tuition includes instructional material. Boat trips not included.
REFRESHER COURSES Provide divers with a review of safe diving practices and important skill practices.
Class conducted on one evening consisting of approximately 2 hours of pool.
Includes: use of tank, regulator, B.C., and weight belt
You provide basic snorkeling equipment
REFERRALS Are for those who start their training elsewhere and wish to complete it at Sea d Sea. A referral can come from any training organization. Price of class is determined by what is needed to complete your certification. Call for price
GUIDED BOAT TOURS Can be arranged with our staff of professional Dive Masters. Diving at a new location will be more fun and safer with an experienced professional who can teach you more about it. $60.00
BOAT DIVING A major part of the California underwater experience. The offshore islands have some of the worlds most beautiful scenery. We charter our boat trips as much as 16 months in advance to ensure that you get to see some of the best sights California has to offer. SEE BOAT SCHEDULE FOR CHARTER DATES
Prices vary depending on destination

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