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Barry’s message:

It’s been awhile since the last newsletter, but alas it’s here. The summer got off to a slow start but the diving was great. All our dive trips have been filling and people are excited. There is an abundance of new affordable digital cameras and underwater housings. With a good photo editing program on your computer, making adjustments and enhancing them is so much easier. No more waiting for film to be developed. Check out the Ikelite web site for available housings. You can link to them through our web site . While your at our web site there is a new link to DAN . You can now sign up directly for Dive Insurance. They have the best coverage and recognized worldwide. You shouldn’t be diving without it.

Lobster Season Special:

Underwater Kenetics is offering a 4-pack of dive lights which includes a large C-8, Mini Q-40, SL-4 and a Dive Beacon. All include batteries and wrist lanyard. Quantities limited.

New Equipment:

Aeris has a computer called the “Atmos AI” with quick disconnect and compass. It is air integrated and computes your dive time into minutes left at depth. Purchase one while supply lasts and receive a free padded carrying case, spare battery, BC retractor and lens protector.

Oceanic has 2 new computers

  • VEO-100 Combo $299.00
  • VEO-200 Nitrox/Air/Downloadable $385.00

Mares Darwin Air Integrated Computer has both Audible and Visual Alarms. Optional compass $699.00

Atomic Regulators:

The B-2 with swivel 2nd stage eliminates the tugging of the mouthpiece and moves with your head. Receive a free padded Regulator Bag with purchase while supply lasts. ($40.00 value) The Z-1 Regulator is now available with a 5-port swivel. Normal servicing on all Atomic Regulators is every 2 years or 300 dives. Why not dive with the best.


Latitude BC with integrated weights. Available in Blue/Black with Tangerine accent colors. On sale for $350.00.

Also new is a Low Profile Octopus in yellow with 39” hose.


Trade in your old computer. Aeris, Oceanic and SeaQuest are all offering deals. It does not have to be in working condition, Prices vary with up to 30% savings.

Steel Tanks: MSRP SALE

  • Short 72 $330.00 $275.00
  • Short 80 $330.00 $295.00
  • E-7 100 $330.00 $295.00
  • E-8 119 $330.00 $295.00
  • E-8 130 $340.00 $300.00
  • LP 80 $295.00 $245.00

Additional savings with purchase of Regulator and BC.

Air Cards:

  • 12 Fills up to 3000psi Reg. $4.00ea. / $24.00
  • 12 Fills up to 3500psi Reg. $5.00ea. / $36.00

Wet Suits: Retail Sale

Bare Arctic Full Suit 7mm $300.00 $250.00

Bare Jacket w/attached hood 150.00 75.00

Bare Hooded Vest 3mm 100.00 75.00

All light weight suits 30%off

Rental equipment for sale:

Tanks, Regulators, BC’s and Spare Air. (All serviced with 90 day guarantee) Suits and Hoods (as is). We also have a limited supply of used uncoated weights at $1.00 lb.

Maintenance Corner:

When cleaning your BC disconnect the shoulder straps, blow up with air through the mouthpiece and turn upside down. The corrugated hose should be at the lowest point and drain out any salt water. Add fresh water through the mouthpiece of plug on back (do not lose gasket). Shake BC and drain again. Salt water left to dry inside will crystallize and work like a pin cushion. Flush out all pockets to remove sand (remember to remove any little critters left inside; shells etc.)

November Special:

  • Save $10.00 on annual Regulator service (in house only).
  • BC’s serviced at same time for only $10.00 more plus parts.
  • Tank VIP with air fill for only $6.00 (H.P. tanks $7.00)

December Special: Anniversary Special 34 years in business

Sea d Sea opened its doors in 1969. Thanks to its loyal customers we are still going strong. We would like to reciprocate by offering a $34.00 discount on any purchase over $200.00 (no sales items).

  • Aeroskin Suits Less 25% discount
  • Equipment Bags “
  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots & Gloves “
  • Weights and belts “
  • FreeStyle Watches 15%
  • Spear Guns and Poles “
  • Spare Air: Complete with holster and fill adapter $225.00
  • Floor Samples / limited
  • SeaQuest BC / discontinued 35% off
  • Parkway Nova Regulator Reg. $365.00 Sale $200.00

Specialty Classes:

If you’re interested in any of these classes for Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver or Dive Master; Email or call to let us know your preference and we’ll keep you informed with dates.

Address notification:

If you would like to receive our newsletter and specials via email; please add us to your address book. Also send us your current email address. (No spam)

Boat Schedule 2004

  • Jan. 17 SunDiver Santa Barbara $ 90.00
  • Jan. 31 Peace* Outer Island 110.00
  • Feb. 21 SunDiver San Clemente 100.00
  • Mar. 13 Mr. C. Catalina 65.00
  • Mar. 27 Peace* Grace Oil Rig 110.00

*Peace trips include food and air / Nitrox extra

Get your Boat Card. Pay for 6 trips / Get 7th trip free ($65.00value). Save an additional $5.00 if trip is paid 30 days in advance.

We have added the SunDiver Boat to our 2004 schedule again. It’s owned by Ray Arntz formerly of the Mr. C. Most trips will be to the outer islands with a limited load of 22 divers. Tanks and weight belts are available for rental. Full galley for food and drink.